Current Members

Coup de Brass 2014-2015:

Coup de Brass 2014-2015

Class of 2016

Bettina Cheung (SM)

Bettina Cheung

Bettina is a BME major who can frequently be found baking entirely too many desserts for everyone when she isn’t geeking out about Sherlock or science. She is also a proud member of the DPops brass section (AH-OOH!), a stacks ninja, and part of the SYO horn section. As she adores movie scores and sci-fi, her favorite horn moment was playing Star Trek with DPops!

Alicia Ding (PC)

Alicia Ding

Alicia is an MCDB major who enjoys folding origami boxes and (occasionally) going on runs to the Yale farm to visit the chickens. Apart from playing horn in Coup de Brass, she also plays the same instrument in YSO and rings big bells with the Guild of Carillonneurs. One of her most memorable horn-related moments was when the instrument served as a conversation starter in Beijing with two Chinese piano students.

Julian Drucker (BK)

Julian Drucker

Julian is pumped to play with Coup de Brass. A Theater Studies major, Julian loves going to plays in his spare time. He is a composer, as well as a singer in Redhot & Blue. His favorite French horn moment came in high school when he got to play principal in the orchestra for Beethoven’s 5th.

Sam Nemiroff (JE)

Play me like one of your French horns

Sam is excited to be in his third season with Coup de Brass! Sam is an MCDB major, and in his free time he enjoys binging on Disney movies and playing high-stakes bananagrams. He is also a member of YSO, a Splash instructor, and a journalist for YSM. Sam’s favorite horn moment was playing Mahler 2 with YSO.

Ken Yanagisawa (MC)

Ken Yanagisawa

Ken is a music major who, outside of Coup de Brass, plays oboe in a variety of musical ensembles at Yale and likes to take photographs of things for the Yale Daily News. His favorite horn moment hasn’t happened yet, but it will definitely be when he is able to play the Horn along with his fellow Coup de Brassians in concert.

Class of 2017

Benjamin Held (JE)

Ben Held

Benjamin joined Coup de Brass after running into group leader Sam Nemiroff on the very first day of school. He enjoys taking Chinese, having a complicated, love-hate relationship with the Humanities, and trying somehow to effectively manage his time. Having been born and raised in sunny San Diego, California, Ben’s new experiences at Yale include: weather, snow, and coldness. But he feels that the warmth of family and friends makes the weather manageable and Yale an amazing place to be.

Nishwant Swami (SM)

Nishwant Swami

Nishwant has had a great time in his first season with Coup de Brass! Nish is a potential EP&E major with a focus on pre-med, and loves all things music! On campus, Nish is also a part of DPops, the Yale Concert Band, and the Yale Jashan Bhangra team. Favorite Coup de Brass moment: Getting Ashley’s on Tap Night and meeting my new CdB family!

Brandon Wanke (MC)

Brandon “Brandog” “Wonky” Wanke is excited to be the newest member of Coup de Brass. Thankfully, when CdB asked for another horn for their FLorida tour, Brandog said “YASSSSSSS!!!” and joined the group. When not doing horn stuff with CdB or YCB, he studies Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology and reminisces fondly about his days on the farm back home in Montana. However, his dream is to someday return to his TRUE home - the ocean.

Class of 2018

Derek Boyer (BR)

Derek is delighted to be playing a shiny metal instrument with a bunch of other people who play shiny metal instruments. He also plays this shiny metal instrument with other people who play a shiny metal instrument in groups like DPops and YCB. His favorite shiny metal instrument moment is when he obtained his own shiny metal instrument. Mine. My own. My precioiussss.

Morgan Jackson (CC)

Morgan is a city in Calhoun County, Georgia, United States. The population was 1,861 at the 2010 census.ref Morgan is also a Chem major from Arlington, Massachusetts who has been playing French horn since 4th grade. His favorite horn-related moment? Either catching Sam in his arms for the YSO Halloween Show or playing the national anthem with CdB for the Miami Heat!

Bianka Ukleja (BK)

Bianka Ukleja

Bianka cannot wait to bask in horn glory as a first year member of Coup de Brass! This girl can be found working on anything from theater productions to teaching a classroom full of Sprouts. And she’s learning Russian! Bianka can’t really pin down her favorite horn moment. The more horn, the merrier!


Adam Adler (LAW ‘15)

Adam Adler

Adam is the proud owner of a (majestic) gray rock named Mr. Tibb Tubbins, who is his sole companion and without whom he simply could not live.